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Occupational Health & Safety Products

At Sales Direct, we believe that assuring our customers that choosing us as the supplier of choice means never having to worry about food safety.

We believe in the adage of practising what we preach, and it is therefore apt that Sales Direct has been appointed the soledistributor of SC Johnson Professional's range of Hand Hygiene and Skin Care systems to complement your operations with best in class Hand Sanitisers, Disinfectants, Handwashes and multi purposes biological cleaners that simplifies cleaning processes for your staff and increases productivity.
With best in class cost in use and HACCP and WHO endorsement, Deb (SC Johnson Professional), is a leading multi-industry occupational health & safety product manufacturer with a wide range of products to cater to your professional requirements across all industries.

Contact us today, and our Sales Consultants would be pleased to advise you of our multi-industry range of products.

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